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Folded Clean Clothes In Garage Bags Is The New Trend

Attempts to get well needed stuff done – 5 Actually doing something productive – 2 Wishing I had a glass of wine – at least 3 times Naps by Elizabeth – 1 for  2o mins Fussy Baby – can’t count … Continue reading

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Why Does My Dog Only Shed His White Hair?

Oh the joys of staying at home taking care of a 4 month old.  What can I say I love to stay up late, I am a night owl at heart.  It’s so quite and peaceful at night.  Now, if … Continue reading

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The Mom Who Drives A Blue Volvo…..

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Yep, that’s me a Mom whose dream car is a Volvo station wagon.  Now your probably thinking…”oh nice, another well off stay at home Mom who has a nice new Volvo for her go around car.”  Yeah, that’s not the case here.  My beast is an … Continue reading

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