Why Does My Dog Only Shed His White Hair?

Oh the joys of staying at home taking care of a 4 month old.  What can I say I love to stay up late, I am a night owl at heart.  It’s so quite and peaceful at night.  Now, if I could only get things done at night….well no.  That is not the case, I would make too much noise and would wake the family up.  Oh well, I thought about it.  My daughter likes to wake up around 6am, ouch that is early, and wants to eat.  Heck, I really can’t complain she now sleeps through the night.  Sleep, now that’s a whole new topic because this girl fights nap time.  Once my son gets off to school and my husband leaves for work I can normally get my daughter to fall back to sleep.  I really should use this time wisely.  I do, I sleep in.  Ok that’s not what I should be doing.  I have a huge list of things that I could get done, but sleep always wins.  Dangit!  Will I ever learn?

I need to motivate myself somehow.  It has worked in the past.  My new motivation is lattes.  God I love me some espresso goodness.  Now with one family income lattes are an extra expense that needs to be budgeted in.  I can’t get one whenever I want anymore.  Plus the calories, hell who’s counting calories….(thumbs pointing inward) “Not this girl!”  If my clothes fit I am happy.  Not skinny by any means but I could lose drop 20 lbs or more.  One day, but first goal is time management at home.  Ok so my new plan is this….I can only get a latte when I go to the laundry mat.  Sweet, great motivation to get my clothes washed plus I treat myself with a….wait for it…..a latte.  That’s right and it’s from a drive thru espresso stand on the way to the laundry mat probably 1 out of 10 espresso stands in the state of Wisconsin.  How lucky am I.  Now this place doesn’t stand a chance compared to Washington coffee.  Oh how a love Washington drive thru espresso stands.   I will have peminate reminder of the goodness of a latte from Seattle due to my butt, hip and thigh size.  Let’s just say I use to drink breves until I realized what it was made out of and well that much whole milk doesn’t do a body good.   But it sure doesn’t the taste buds good.

Ok back to way I shouldn’t go back to sleep.  Dang this gig is hard.  That is not working.  My baby girl is one picky fussy little cute stinker and I can never get anything done.  My goal is to have dinner fix for when my husband comes home and the apartment cleaned.  UGH the hardwood floors with a dog.  Why does my dog only shed its white hair?  Really, I don’t ever see his brown or black hair over everything.   Ok that line will be my new title.  I told you my post will be random.  I write like I talk.  This is probably why I failed English.

Do I need to write myself a list each day on what I need to get done.  Well that doesn’t work because I can’t predict my daughter behavior.  Yes that is my cop-out.  However, first I really need to get organized in the worse way.   We recently moved to this place about 3 months ago.  We just love it.  However, we had most of our belonging in storage, long story, and lost most of it due to mold.  Yuck, now that shit wasn’t coming with us.  So no dressers equals nowhere to put clean clothes.  So I never really mastered the art of folding and putting away my clothes and neither did my husband.  What is an iron?  Just kidding, yeah I don’t use one.  I just don’t buy items that need to be iron.  Sorry not my cup of tea people.  Plus this place has no storage what so ever, so I have the wall ‘o totes.  Not cool.  At least I went through everything and each tote is labeled.  Ha, trying to type with a baby on my lap and looking through her big head to see the screen…I am finding it quite the challenge.   That is one of many.  So back to the list.

First on list…..Go to IKEA!!  This girl needs me some storage in the worse way Batman.  This includes a wardrobe and a couple of dresser.  That’s if I can’t find dressers off Craigslist.  I have a love hate relationship with Craigslist.  I swear half the emails I send out go out to cyber Craigslist space with no returns.  So frustrating.  Once I have big boxes with drawers and cabinets with little organizing boxes I can put stuff in them.  Oh yes, I can finally put stuff away.  So hard to pick up if it doesn’t have a place to go.  Finally that problem will be solved.  Sweet.  Now for the dog hair.  Should I just shave him?

About bluedaisy7

Well let's see....I am a Stay At Home Mom of two kids, a newborn and an 9 year old. Going back to work was not an option for me due to daycare cost and having a bad back. So....trying not to go completely stir crazy staying home with the kids I have decided to start a blog. We'll see how this goes. ENJOY
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