Folded Clean Clothes In Garage Bags Is The New Trend

Attempts to get well needed stuff done – 5

Actually doing something productive – 2

Wishing I had a glass of wine – at least 3 times

Naps by Elizabeth – 1 for  2o mins

Fussy Baby – can’t count that high

Me wanting to take a nap – 1

So my day wasn’t very productive.  I did pay most of my bills.  What a good feeling.  For the first time in a long time I was able to pay all the current balances, well except for the damn cell phone bill.  Really, why do we need something so trendy and hell if my phone is so smart why can’t it figure out how to pay for itself.  We have become subject to a tech world.  Bow down to the cell phone world people.  My phone does it all, except figure out how to make me money.  Wonder if there is an app for that.  However, at the end of the day we still pay for the high price of having that latest phones.  Ugh, why have we become so dependant on those damn little hand-held devises.  We didn’t have cell homes when I was in school.  Ha, that’s probably a good thing on my account.  Oh texting how I love thee.  Oh how I would have been in trouble.  Wonder if kids still pass notes on paper the old fashion way?  I was good at that.

I failed at my attempts to be productive.  Who said it was easy to be a Stay At Home Mom was smokin some serious crack…  I want some, yes please.  Just kidding this girl isn’t into that.  Wine, yes.  Oh love me some good wine.  I use to be the Queen of multitasking and getting things done in a timely fashion while I was working.  Yep, I use to be a CNA and truly loved every minute of it.  Yes there is something wrong with me, what can I say not many people can actually say they enjoy being a CNA.  I love in every way working with the elderly, it is my passion in life.  However, due to unseen events I can no longer work.  Son of a biscuit eater daycare is highway murder.  Who the hell can pay $300 a week for a newborn in daycare…not this family.  This time around no daycare assistant.  I might as well bend over and take it if I was going to put my daughter into daycare.  Then my poor back, I basically worked myself to a cripple state.  I just can’t say no and over did it one too many times. The last time I threw out my back I was pulling up someone’s underwear.  Yep that’s right, that’s exactly what I did and try explaining that to workman’s comp.   If I ever wanted to be a CNA again it would require weekly Chiropractor visits.  Not cool man.

So here I am staying at home raising a kids.  Did I think my life would turn into this?  No, but I love it.  Now if I can just get my ass organized… What is that!  I will have it made.  Well I like to think so.  Something telling me that folded up clothes in garbage bags isn’t the way to go.  Hey at least they are folded right?  I need those wooded box thingy with drawers, I think they are called dresser.  Is that what you put clothes in?  I think I read that somewhere.  Those things aren’t cheap either.  Craigslist isn’t showing me any love in that department.  Oh and those plastic things with hooks, I think you can hang clothes on those.  Yep, I broke my closet the first day living in this apartment.  I was actually trying to do the right thing and hang up all my clothes, yes that is right, and I broke it.  The darn rack came tumbling down on me.

Oh IKEA, I will go and visit you soon and we shall have a good time together.  You, IKEA, will help me get organized.  Your pretty pictures of rooms online inspire me so.  How I wish you can come into my home and help me fix it so I too can be an IKEA home model.  Dream on girl.  That’s the same dream I have with HGTV.  I am still mentally willing someone from there savvy home decor scene to come and knock on my door.  Oh that would be soo neat.  Again, what has my life come to when my pure excitement would be HGTV to come to my home.

About bluedaisy7

Well let's see....I am a Stay At Home Mom of two kids, a newborn and an 9 year old. Going back to work was not an option for me due to daycare cost and having a bad back. So....trying not to go completely stir crazy staying home with the kids I have decided to start a blog. We'll see how this goes. ENJOY
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2 Responses to Folded Clean Clothes In Garage Bags Is The New Trend

  1. artjen1971 says:

    I have my HGTV fantasies, too–guess that’s on the resume of lots of stay at home moms.

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