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makin’ me some baby food!!

My adventures in baby food continues……. Now why didn’t I do this with my first, well I worked my ass off and was a single mother.  No time.  Now that I have the time and learning that you can steam … Continue reading

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No more ‘seefood’ diet!!!

So…on the 1st I start my diet or should I say ‘a new way to eat.’  The word diet is so overrated.  Hell, anything could be a diet.  I could go on a cookie diet, there is actually a cookie … Continue reading

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Santa says I am going to Hell…..

Wow, have I ever been lazy not writing here.  I have found it to be very therapeutic.  Writing helps me get out all my frustrations.  Now that the holiday season is almost over I believe I can start-up once again with … Continue reading

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You can suck my big right toe!!!!!

I haven’t been on here in a while, holiday Hell and trying to get my espresso machine to work.  Yeah that great deal I found on eBay sucked.  I was sent a piece of crap espresso machine which they claimed … Continue reading

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Did you know fish like poop?

Dear Best of Craigslist, I haven’t frickin laughed that hard in a long time, yes I had tears.  Tears of laugher as I tried to laugh quite due to waking my little.  Tears of laugher because I have a sick … Continue reading

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A little bit of freedom……………

As I walk down the stairs to leave the apartment my son is yelling in the background.  “Mom I want to go with you, my class need treats.”  Really this is not going to happen as I think to myself.  … Continue reading

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My “alone” room…..

In the background the sounds of a toy being rattled and the tv with cartoons for my son. This is my “alone” room as I sit.  I hear the water being drained from the dishwasher as the last load of … Continue reading

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