Night dreaming

Ok, so everyone is home and in bed.  It’s is so quite and peaceful that I just can’t sleep. Normal this girl has no problem hitting the hay and zzz out she goes. However, tonight I keep thinking about all the housework I could get done right now.  Oh wait, everyone one is sleeping, I did mention that before.  Man, this sure bites the big one.  Wonder if there is a 24/7 laundry mat near by.  Oh wait I live in BFE.  Oh can’t do that one either because there is no lattes for me to drink while I wash.  My motivation tool. Strike two for Lisa.  It’s quite, except for my husbands God awful snoring.  The freight trains are coming. Oh wait, that’s just my husband. 

So I lay here in my bed, dog at my feet, typing on this darn smart phone.  It’s smart right now because its fixing my spelling errors.  Now only if it can fix my grammar.  I really hates its touch screen keypad. Hateful one finger typing this world has come to.  By the way, yes this is  the same dog that only sheds his white hair. I truly believe that so don’t correct me on that one. 

Tired I am not.  Oh but I was tried during the waking hours of the day.  Backwards Nelly I am.  I can feel the weather has changed. Thank God because Wisconsin summers are sure hateful, especially when one is use to Washington weather.  I still dream of the day when the cool breeze from The Sound floats by to cool my burning ass off.  Likelihood, not so much.  A girl can dream just like she can dream about HGTV coming to her home to save her decor/furniture placement nightmare in her loft apartment. 

Still wide awake, not so cool.  If I didn’t have plans tomorrow I would just stay up.  I could clean the bathroom.  No, stop thinking Lisa.  Note to self, clean bathroom after the dog who only shed white hair gets his bath.  Oh wait he just might shed his brown & black hairs in the bathroom because the floor is a light color.  I lied he doesn’t just shed white, only in all the room besides the bathroom.  It is called selective shedding & there is no know cure for this disease.  I could find this cure and all housewives who own dogs could…wait where am I going with this other people will not give a shit about this. 

Speaking about dog hair, have you ever gotten one stuck in the bottom of your foot?  I think it just might be something that happens to me.  Well, I was at work when it happen.  Holy crap it hurt, so I pulled off my sock to take a look.  Right by my big toe was yes a white lonely dog hair way jammed into my foot.  I yelled not thinking about the name of this so called dog, “I have Cooter hair in my foot.”  Not everyone at work knows my dog’s name is Cooter.  Haha sounds bad and I just love it. 

How does Cooter hair relate to me wanting to crank the music up and clean? Because there is at least 2 dogs worth of hair all over my wood floors.  Ok so I really don’t have “real” wood flooring I lied and probably will do it again.  I need a floor cleaner like a whore needs her pimp.  Doing it the old granny way is no good for the back.  I almost got stuck in the “I am cleaning the floor with towels on my feet stance.” Now that would be quite the site.

Off to sleep I go…..pillow time baby.

About bluedaisy7

Well let's see....I am a Stay At Home Mom of two kids, a newborn and an 9 year old. Going back to work was not an option for me due to daycare cost and having a bad back. So....trying not to go completely stir crazy staying home with the kids I have decided to start a blog. We'll see how this goes. ENJOY
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One Response to Night dreaming

  1. bluedaisy7 says:

    Opps…..swearing forgot to take that out. Builds character people. Enjoy

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