Give me some crema baby!!!!

This makes me drool......

My husband I have been searching for espresso machines online.  I am a huge reviewer.  I have to do research on everything before I buy, especially if it’s over $100.  Man, there is a lot to choose from.  I seriously confused the shit out of myself last night looking though all the different brands, types, etc.  I do know I do not want a steam one nor do I want a super auto-matic.  I want me some crema baby!!!  I am a coffee whore.  I am from Seattle area and I know a good espresso shot.  It has to have three levels when the shot is being pulled, then the end product must, I say must have a lot of yummmy golden crema on top.  Yes, I am just that picky.  On a side note, we have champagne taste on a tap water budget.  However, I don’t mind spending some good hard earn cash on a good one that will last.  If you think about it the darn thing will pay for itself in less than a year if not sooner.  I love espresso drinks.  Whenever I save money on an item I think in latte terms, I just saved 2 lattes.

YouTube has tons of great info on these babies.  I just love these ladies…

Their videos are awesome and non bias.  They explain everything for the non coffee drinker in mind.

Brewin’ with Brandi: Snowball!.  Here is their blog.  It makes me want to hop on a plane and head to Washington State.  Funny thing is I use to live right down the road from their store.  You guys rock and thanks for all the information.  Ok, this sounds like I am promoting these people, I am not.  I am just excited I found such a wonderful site with great information regarding espresso machines.  ummmm espresso, it makes me want one.

I had a perfect cup of espresso when my husband and I were on our honeymoon in NYC.  It was at this great little restaurant in the Chelsea district.  After our wonderful meal, we ended it with some espresso.  The best part was the sugar in the raw stick, or whatever you call it.  Omg it was wonderful.

Yeah, I am one of those people that know excatly how long my shot is pulled and more many times the milk as been re steam in my latte..  Sad I know..


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Well let's see....I am a Stay At Home Mom of two kids, a newborn and an 9 year old. Going back to work was not an option for me due to daycare cost and having a bad back. So....trying not to go completely stir crazy staying home with the kids I have decided to start a blog. We'll see how this goes. ENJOY
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2 Responses to Give me some crema baby!!!!

  1. I not as expert as you but we had a Gagia esprosso dose 2 years ago and we finally founds a good brand coffee pods a few months after and we are very happy since.

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