Just say no to a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree…….

see this little tree needs YOU!

Thinking about adding a little tab on this blog for my cooking stuff.  Now I don’t cook but I am learning.  My recipes will be super easy with pictures, yes I said pictures for the dummy cook in all of us.  Well at least I have a lot of dummy cook in me.  I need pictures when it comes to following a recipes.  So I just put together the ghetto fab corn dog casserole.  It’s actually amazing and super easy people!!  Hey, if I can cook it and it turns out edible than anyone can make it.  So later, one of these days, I will post it.  Oh and along with how to make a room divider.  Which by the way turned out awesome.

Now this is a bad ass tree, next year???

So today we put up the tree, all 9 foot of it.  Note to self, before putting on the top quarter of the tree add the tree topper.  Yeah that’s right, I found myself standing on our kitchen island putting this damn star on.  My husband lifted up our son, however he is a pussy little mother f-er and cried while my husband lifted him and then the little dork grab the tree and almost took it with him.  Ugh, I swear go play with your CareBears and I will get the top on.   Whew, the tree is done and this year we said “No, to the Charlie Brown’s tree.”  We have had some pretty sad, and I mean super sad trees in the past.  The last one said it was 6 foot, then why did we still have to put in on a cooler?  Ok I am going to stop here because I may look ghetto fab sometimes, but I am trying not to live it.  It did look pretty all said and done if you lived on the streets behind a supermart.  Just saying.  Now we have a forever tree!!  Yeah.  I should take a picture of it.

Well the Packer game is on and my husband is wanting some beer, as a good wife should…. I am going to the mini mart in town to get some adult beverages, why?  It’s like a 15 min break from work for me.  To get out of the house with no kids or dog and be by myself sounds great.  Tell next time.

About bluedaisy7

Well let's see....I am a Stay At Home Mom of two kids, a newborn and an 9 year old. Going back to work was not an option for me due to daycare cost and having a bad back. So....trying not to go completely stir crazy staying home with the kids I have decided to start a blog. We'll see how this goes. ENJOY
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