You can suck my big right toe!!!!!

I haven’t been on here in a while, holiday Hell and trying to get my espresso machine to work.  Yeah that great deal I found on eBay sucked.  I was sent a piece of crap espresso machine which they claimed to work.  My ass it didn’t work!!  I tried priming the damn thing.  I even tried cleaning it with vinegar and water like the Cuisinart customer service told me to do.  Water starting coming out of the steam wand after the 20th try, but still not enough to do anything.  Drip, Drip…..beep, beep…piece of shit.  I am returning that bastard.

Dear Cuisinart, you can suck my big hairy right toes, hell suck both!!!!  I trusted the brand, seeing we have other Cuisinart appliances, but this thing is poorly made.  I am not the only one that believes this.  The first call to customer service through Cuisinart told me the same thing!  Really??  The guy told me since it was refurbish that is was basically a piece of crap and wasn’t worth trying to fix it.  He told me that there espresso machine are not their strongest appliance they carry and that they don’t last.  End of the call I was in tears.  Dude you suck money butts.

So in a last-ditch effort, we want espresso for Christmas morning, I found one at Target.  See Madison, WI doesn’t carry a so-called “coffee” store.  We are not in Seattle anymore Toto.  I will be damn dropping a grand at William Somona or Bed Bath and Beyond.  I don’t have that kind of cash.  So the only store to carry espresso machines was Sears, which was a Cuisinart, and Target.  I went to Target and bought a Mr. Coffee pump espresso machine.

I was of course hesitate on it at first because of the price.  $59 for an espresso machine, how long is that going to last?  I did my research and stayed up till 3am last night.  I am a research girl, it drives my husband nuts.  The reviews were good believe it or not.  Even the YouTube videos seem promising.  This morning I headed to Target.

I found the little bastard and brought it home.  Of course I bought the 2 year service plan on it.  I never buy the service plans on anything.  I wasn’t going to take any chances on this thing.  I came home and took it out of the box.

At first it seem to look cheap, what does one expect for $59?  I plug it in and turned it on.  Both the red and green lights flashed.  That’s not good I thought, only the green one is supposed to flash.  It flashed and flashed for a long time.  I got worried.  So I unplugged it and started over…  The second try I turned it on and only the green light flashed.  Yeah!!! Victory, this is supposed to happen.  This little damn thing heated up fast.  Faster than that bastard of machine called Cuisinart.  I say about a minute it was ready.  I followed the instructions.  Turned the steam on like it said and then proceeded to pull my first shot.  Not bad, not bad for this little guy.  I needed to add a little more espresso to my portafitler because it was coming out a little too fast.  However, once I got that figured out this thing rocks!!!

Now to start my latte.  I first steamed my milk.  Actually it does a great job.  Now I wish the steam wand was just a little longer to make my dry caps, however it makes beautiful foam to top off a latte.   I pulled 2 sets of shot, I like espresso a lot, and added it to my cup.  Topped my cup off with my steamed milk and added some vanilla syrup.. Yummm I say.

I am on my second latte, yes that’s about 8 shots.  I think I need to go lay down…too much espresso.  My body isn’t use to it like it was when living in Washington.   I drank a lot of lattes back in the day.

Overall….if you are an espresso whore like me….

1. Jump in your car

2. Drive straight to Target

3. Buy the Mr. Coffee pump espresso machine, it’s on sale for $20 off right now.  Don’t waste your time with the steam-driven ones.

4. If you have a Cost Plus World Market, go there.

5. Head to the back of the store where they carry the coffee.  They have a 2 lb bag of espresso for $10. It works just fine to play around with.

6. Buy a frothing pitches somewhere.  I already had one.

7.  Go home

8. Enjoy your latte as you are saving tons of $$$$$$



About bluedaisy7

Well let's see....I am a Stay At Home Mom of two kids, a newborn and an 9 year old. Going back to work was not an option for me due to daycare cost and having a bad back. So....trying not to go completely stir crazy staying home with the kids I have decided to start a blog. We'll see how this goes. ENJOY
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3 Responses to You can suck my big right toe!!!!!

  1. whatsnormality says:

    I feel like a lump of coal is going to be delivered straight to your stocking! Suck my big right toe… hahaha

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