Really? Can’t you flush it down……..

So my son stayed home from school today, he claimed he was sick.  I claimed that he needed to stay in bed.  Ha, maybe that will teach him not to fake it.  Or was he faking it this time.  I will never know.  When he woke up he was jumping around as always wanting food.  Dude your 9 years old you can make your own cereal.  Wait a minute your sick why do you have all this energy?  Off to bed you go.  No DS now.  No you cannot come out and play video games, you are sick right?

I walked into the bathroom to sit down on the old throne of porcelain and the kid forgot to flush.  Really?  This is wrong.  I guess this was his way of telling me that he was sick.  Gross oh so gross dude.

So we have this rule if you stay home from school due to being sick.  You stay in bed till school time would be over, unless you are super sick with a fever than you can lay on the couch and watch tv.   He hates this and most of the time it works for that sometimes I don’t want to go to school today so I will fake a tummy ache or head ache.  This boy is something else.

Today I had stuff I needed to get done.  See we are down to one car right now.  My grocery getting is being stored for the winter.  I was going to take my husband to work today and have the truck.  Oh well, checking out a new mattress has to wait.  Holy crap Batman, we need a new bed in the worse way.  Oh you lovely King bed, my dream of sleeping not on the edge of the bed half hanging off due to my husband’s pattern of always having a Queen size bed, has been delayed for yet another day.  One day I will not wake up in the middle of the night thinking I have lost a leg or an arm due to it falling asleep itself!  Omg, that hurts.  I recommend not trying that at home.

About bluedaisy7

Well let's see....I am a Stay At Home Mom of two kids, a newborn and an 9 year old. Going back to work was not an option for me due to daycare cost and having a bad back. So....trying not to go completely stir crazy staying home with the kids I have decided to start a blog. We'll see how this goes. ENJOY
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