Oh little yellow vacuum cleaner how I love thee…..

Looks like it’s going to be a two post kinda day… I haven’t talked about lately on how much I miss working.  I am a workaholic, just not a houseworkolic.  I hate doing dishes even though I have a damn dishwasher.  By the way, our dishwasher sucks and well…I want a new one.  Funny thing is we do have a new one sitting in the kitchen right now.  Long story short, we need a plug-in and well living out in the fricking middle of now where it’s hard to get one.  Hell I should just order one online.  Yeah, the light bulb in my head does works.

Another thing I hate is dog hair!!!  It’s everywhere.  I really, really need a hardwood floor cleaner.  If I was working we could afford a hardwood floor cleaner, especially the one I want.  Wait, let’s rephrase that….The one I need not want.  I need a floor cleaner.  I hate getting down on my hands and knees cleaning these damn floors.  I might as well put my bandana on and apron.

I have a pretty good little vacuum cleaner.  That vacuum is quite the champ.  Out of all the vacuum cleaners I have owned this one has last the longest.  Vacuum cleaners have a 6 month life span, if that, when I use them.  I have had this one for little over 2 years!!

Why is it that my vacuum cleaners don’t last? And why have I been previously banned from using them?  Well…. I am that girl who likes to suck up everything!!!  I get a thrill out of it.  It’s like a high trying to suck up everything.  It’s not that I am too lazy to bend over and pick up the piece of paper, or small toy, I just want to see if I can suck it up.  It’s fun.  In the past I have done some serious damage to vacuum cleaners by doing this.  Hell, at least I had fun doing it right?  With my little yellow of a bitch vacuum I have this super strong sucking hose that does a great job so I can get my fix on and I haven’t clogged it up yet.  Score!!!!  Hail to my little yellow vacuum cleaner.





About bluedaisy7

Well let's see....I am a Stay At Home Mom of two kids, a newborn and an 9 year old. Going back to work was not an option for me due to daycare cost and having a bad back. So....trying not to go completely stir crazy staying home with the kids I have decided to start a blog. We'll see how this goes. ENJOY
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