I guess it is about time I update my About page from the given WordPress to actually something about me.  First and foremost I went to Stanwood High School and I have no grammar skills.  It’s pretty bad people, I learned how to write an essay in History class.  However, I did look into this lack of English skill disease and it is a serious illness and there is no cure.  I went to college and have probably enough English credits for an English minor. Now let me tell you these classes where not by choice but rather “you should really take another English class to graduate.”  I didn’t graduate.   Yeah, there is no hope for this girl.  Beside the lack of grammar skills, I am very random and type what I think with no filter.  It’s kinda fun.

More about me will be updated later, my poor leg is asleep and I need to wake it up.

Ok it is later….Let’s see more about me?  Well I have 2 wonderful kids.  My son is 9 and my little baby girl is 6 months.  It’s called free babysitting people.  Loving the age gap.  I no longer work, my work is at home changing diapers, doing dishes, trying to cook and telling my 9-year-old to stop wiggling or he will fall off the couch again.  Yes he has fallen off the couch several times due to excessive moving.  What can I say he has a bad case of the wiggle worms.  Just like my English skills, I haven’t found a cure for that either.

Yes I am marry and I couldn’t have found a better man.  We have been married for just over 2 years.  However, it seems like I have known him forever.  He is a male version of me.  Aren’t we suppose to marry someone opposite of ourselves?  I broke the rule then.  I also broke the “dating your co-worker” rule also.  Let’s just say my parents use to own a restaurant, well he was the head chef and I was  one of the waitresses.

So here I am on this blog, trying to type.  Trying to discover my way of being a stay at home Mom.  Is there a right way?  I really don’t think so.  I believe as long as my family has food and love, that is all they need.   The Beatle’s song comes to mind….. ‘All You Need Is Love.’   Funny thing….that was one of the songs played during our wedding.  The Beatles rock!!!

Enjoy reading…..



One Response to About

  1. onwindydays says:

    There’s never a right way! Only the way you make it 😀 Well, I mean I guess there’s all the technicalities and stuff like feeding your children and not letting them bmx off of cliffs and stuff. But overall, it’s all up to you. Thanks for stopping by, by the way 😀

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