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Cha-Cha- Chia just like the Chia Pets….

Wow, looks like someone has forgotten to write on her blog… yep that girl is me.  Yeah!!! I am officially down 11 lbs for the year.  Slowly but surely I will get to my goal.  I am starting to eat right … Continue reading

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makin’ me some baby food!!

My adventures in baby food continues……. Now why didn’t I do this with my first, well I worked my ass off and was a single mother.  No time.  Now that I have the time and learning that you can steam … Continue reading

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Ghetto Fab Corndog Casserole…

This is one of my favorite dishes and it’s super easy to make.  I have made it twice and both times it turned out wonderful.  It actually tastes just like a corn dog and it’s cheap to make also.  Ok … Continue reading

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