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Vacation in a job form, yes I have gone crazy……….

It’s 3:22am and I might as well stay awake….I am practicing for my vacation job.  Yes, I typed that right.  I need a vacation from the housework life and a part time job will definally do the trick.  Ahh….vacation, I … Continue reading

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She has a uni-boob……

Imagine an over weight women in her mid 30’s pushing a snap and go stroller.  Not a real stroller but one of those carriers for a baby bucket aka infant car seat.  She is wearing her pj bottoms and a 3 … Continue reading

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makin’ me some baby food!!

My adventures in baby food continues……. Now why didn’t I do this with my first, well I worked my ass off and was a single mother.  No time.  Now that I have the time and learning that you can steam … Continue reading

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My “alone” room…..

In the background the sounds of a toy being rattled and the tv with cartoons for my son. This is my “alone” room as I sit.  I hear the water being drained from the dishwasher as the last load of … Continue reading

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It’s food time!!!

Can’t believe my little one is 6 months old today.  Perfect timing for running out of formula right?  Not really, but staying postive. Thank God for the sweet potato I had bought last week because it got steamed today.  I steamed … Continue reading

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Box wine with a straw please…

Really trying to figure out this whole blog thing.  I like this WordPress layout, however it’s a lot for this mind to grasp.  Is there a Dummies page for information regarding WordPress?  I use to be pretty savvy regarding this whole computer … Continue reading

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Oh dear tire man hurry up…..

Oh just how I want to spend my day….waiting for a tire to be put on the truck. Yeah, now this is fun times. I am so joking.  The little one isn’t too happy about this adventure of the day.  … Continue reading

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