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Did you know fish like poop?

Dear Best of Craigslist, I haven’t frickin laughed that hard in a long time, yes I had tears.  Tears of laugher as I tried to laugh quite due to waking my little.  Tears of laugher because I have a sick … Continue reading

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I have no snappy title for this post……

Today I completely confused myself in the world of WordPress.  Wow, something so simple I just couldn’t grasp the idea at first.  Well, I still don’t quite understand it fully but learning….  The whole adding pages/post to the menu bar.  … Continue reading

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Why yes, I will take snoring in your ear for $500.

Daily double, or should I say nightly double.  Once again the dog is at the foot of the bed, where my legs should go, and the husband is snorin’ like a freight train.  So it’s another sleepless night in Cheeseland.  … Continue reading

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