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I have mastered the art of sleeping in…..

Oh wow, I forgot for a moment I even had a blog.  Sad I know….I guess it’s well over due to update this thing.  A lot of things had come up since I last posted oh so long ago.  First … Continue reading

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I can stay in my pj all day long, can you??

I guess there is a few pluses of being a stay at home Mom, one of them being able to stay in your pj all day long.  Another is not having to pawn your little one on a daycare provider.  With that … Continue reading

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Oh little yellow vacuum cleaner how I love thee…..

Looks like it’s going to be a two post kinda day… I haven’t talked about lately on how much I miss working.  I am a workaholic, just not a houseworkolic.  I hate doing dishes even though I have a damn dishwasher.  … Continue reading

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